Jordan Enger

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Minnesota born digital and print creative.

  • Adobe Creative Suite/DaVinci Resolve
  • Photo/Video/Design
  • Develop/Scan/Print/Retouch/Edit
  • Aviator/Motorcycle Enthusiast
Jordan Enger



Mens Spa

This poster was created for the Spa's print ad campaign. Concept desired to capture the overall image and feel of the salon for those who have never been.
Basin Packaging

Basin Packaging

Handmade packaging concept engineered to utilize ergonomic styling and sustainable materials. The intent of the design was to create a product that could easily be consumed by athletes in adverse conditions while replacing plastic bottled competitors. Recycled plastic would create an easy to use consumption method, while the rest of the package would consist of Tetra Pak sustainable materials. View Full Design Process Book PDF

The 1817 Movie

The 1817 Movie was a project that I had the opportunity to contrubute to along with so many other talented riders, video makers, and photographers to create something that is made by snowboarders, for snowboarders. There were no sponsors, only passion for the sport. Video clips and photography were contributed to this collaboritive project.
Print Big Poster

Print Big Poster

Part of a series designed for Linhoff Photo, these set of posters were intended to draw interest in the film renaissance movement. More specifically its intent was to inform of Linhoff Photo's ability to "Print Big" and process film. Each of these posters was printed large format, 24x36".
Blue Plate

Blue Plate Restaurant Co.

Blue Plate Restaurant Co. was in need of food and event photography for several of their restaurant's located throughout the Twin Cities. Restaurants worked with include The Lowry, Mercury, The Freehouse, Bottle Rocket, and Shindig. My work can be viewed on each of their webpages. View Work in Use
IPP Hands

The Interior Plain Project "Sin Eater" Collection

Collaborating with Minnesota's own Interior Plain Project, The Sin Eater collection allowed for creation of video and still images to tell its unique story. Product, action, and lifestyle photography were contributed to this project as well as many video clips. Photos were published in Snowboarder Magazine and Method Magazine. View Collaborated Work


With each wedding I aim to capture the day unique to each couple, shooting both film stills and Super 8 movie film, then combining it with today's high end digital cameras. This process creates something truely unique to be cherished for years to come.

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